Welcome to Grammar Grotto, home of Grammar Manů and Fanboy!

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We at Grammar Grotto understand that learning grammar can be pretty dull, but The Adventures of Grammar Man can actually make learning grammar more fun!

Use the links on the left to access Grammar Man's Grammar Computer. Check out all of the cool info about Grammar Man, Fanboy, the great places in and around Grammar City, and, of course, the bad guys, the VILLAINS of good grammar! There's a handy grammar handbook here for quick and easy grammar rules, and you can even get official Grammar Man stuff!

There's a lot more Grammar Man goodies coming this way very soon! You don't want to miss all of the bad-grammar-fighting action!

Stay tuned to this Grammar Channel for updates!



Please feel free to contact Professor Mark Justice for any reason at markjustice@grammargrotto.com

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